Challenge created by: AsariAzure-N7S

NOTE: This is Vanilla challenge,
the only allowed mods are:
Crusader Fix Mod,
Controller Mod
and any texture mods that don't change the game mechanics.

For full list of general rules,
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List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Sen-N7S, Oyo-N7S, Valkurion45, Just3ven-N7S
Squad2: Sen-N7S, Avina-N7S, AsariAzure-N7S, Valkurion45
Squad3: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, RoystonVasey63, ValerioME3
Squad4: aznitrous-N7S, Achion-N7S, PapaJester, Fyracor-N7S





Rescue Mission
Characters: Human Vanguard (Phoenix Dragoon),
N7 Shadow (Phantom), N7 Demolisher (Engineer),
Human Soldier (Assault Trooper),

All to be colored to match Cerberus' armor as close as possible
Map: Dagger
Weapons: Cerberus Harrier, M-13 Raptor, M-96 Mattock,
M-25 Hornet, M-22 Eviscerator, M-358 Talon

Enemy: Reaper
Difficulty: Platinum

During the weeks immediately preceding the invasion special task force was sent on Ontarom to decipher an incoming radio waves of unknown origin.Upon their arrival they just uncovered that the human Eighth Fleet tried to hold off the Reapers' advance, but their primary defense failed The survivors' mission now is to harass the Reaper fleet, give cover to colonists fleeing the area, and reclaim a land-based communication station essential to the war effort.