Geth Prime Platoon

Challenge created by: aznitrous-N7S

NOTE: This is Vanilla challenge,
the only allowed mods are:
Crusader Fix Mod,
Controller Mod
and any texture mods that don't change the game mechanics.

For full list of general rules,
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List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Oyo-N7S, civilianemail, Just3ven-N7S, JuggyJunkie
Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, RoystonVasey63, ValerioME3
Squad3: Qven, BadMojo-N7S, Songun-Ho, ValerioME3

Squad4: CelticCookie-N7S, RoystonVasey63, PapaJester, DaedalusCain

Squad5: Achion-N7S, Just3ven-N7S, aznitrous-N7S, PapaJester

Squad6: CelticCookie-N7S, littlebird330, Skyfern, isma-lopez 
Squad7: CelticCookie-N7S, Fyracor-N7S, isma-lopez, gucarle-N7S

Squad8: aznitrous-N7S, Achion-N7S, CrisRodgz-N7S, DrunkDriver10

Squad9: h4LLion, yveska1, littlebird330, CrisRodz-N7S
Squad10: Sonashii, Vastator, SenorZanahoria, Wasserpest88
Squad11: CelticCookie-N7S, SenorZanahoria, TheNightSlasher, BuildinConsensus


Characters: 4x Geth Juggernaut Soldier
Map: Hydra
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Platinum
Special Requirements:
1) All players must use Geth Spitfire as their only weapon.
Team must earn 5 Waves Survived medal.

Log 21860923
2186092301 Platform status: Online
2186092302 System scan; All Systems Nominal
2186092303 Incoming transmission: Encrypted text message
2186092304 Transmission analysis: Sender: Shepard-Commander
Priority: Urgent
2186092305 Contents decryption: Success
2186092306 Message contents:

From: Shepard, CDR, Alliance Navy
Subject: Arvuna Under Attack: Requesting Assistance
Geth Prime Platoon Command-and-Control Unit;
Legion informed me that I could request your assistance in battle, and the time has come for me to do so. Specialist Traynor had tracked some suspicious activity on Arvuna, and a closer investigation confirmed a Heretics’ invasion, so I’m asking you to look into it an eliminate hostile forces if the need be.
Commander Shepard Alliance Navy

2186092307 Forwarding message to subordinate Prime units: Success
2186092308 Reaching consensus: Success
2186092309 Start mission