Happy Burst-day!

Challenge created by: Songun-Ho

NOTE: This is Vanilla challenge,
the only allowed mods are:
Crusader Fix Mod,
Controller Mod
and any texture mods that don't change the game mechanics.

For full list of general rules,
click the info icon above Activities.

Characters: 3 Krogans (each different)
Map: Firebase Giant (Tuchanka)

Weapons: Krysae, Falcon, Striker

Enemy: Reapers
Difficulty: Platinum

List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Qven, PapaJester, BadMojo-N7S
Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, Just3ven-N7S
Squad3: RichHarrisoN7, TornACL, x3lander

Squad4: NinjaSuperiority, JigglyQuarian, SenorZanahoria

Squad5: PapaJester, aznitrous-N7S, Suzanne-N7S

Squad6: Dreadh0und-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, Smokester-N7S

Squad7: yveska1, DrunkDriver10, CrisRodgz-N7S

Squad8: RedLightning-N7S, LazarusWulf-N7S, bearbutt-N7S
Squad9: Dreadh0und-N7S, Ody-N7S, RedLightning-N7S
Squad10: RedLightning-N7S, Jaidas-N7S, Cross-N7S
Squad11: TheNightSlasher, Wasserpest88, Vastator
Squad12: dglammers-N7S, Draco25240-N7S, RedLightning-N7S
Squad13: Marinara908, TheNightSlasher, RedLightning-N7S

Squad14: Zelisification, dglammers-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

Squad15: Vormav-N7S, bialakawa, Onomatopoeia-N7S

This is my birthday, i love explosions, i love fireworks, and as a Krogan, i love to tear apart enemies! My two friends told me to follow them into one of the old bunkers, they told me they got a surprise for me, they told me to bring some explosives with me.

I don't know what they have prepared for me, but i hope we will make something explode!