Collector Ship

Challenge created by: CelticCookie-N7S

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Commander Shepard Characters:

Human Adept with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol

Human Soldier with any weapons

Human Engineer with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol

Human Sentinel with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol

Human Infiltrator with Sniper Rifle and/or Heavy Pistol and/or SMG

Human Vanguard with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol

Crew Characters:

Miranda (Female Human Sentinel with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)

Jacob (Phoenix Vanguard with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol)
Garrus (Turian Soldier Marksman with Sniper Rifle and/or Assault Rifle)
Mordin (Salarian Engineer with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)
Jack (Female Human Adept with SMG and/or Shotgun)
Grunt (Krogan Soldier with Shotgun and/or Assault Rifle)

Thane (any Drell with Sniper Rifle and/or SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)

Tali (Female Quarian Engineer with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol)

Samara (Asari Justicar with Assault Rifle and/or Heavy Pistol)

​Maps Missions:
Stop the Collectors: Collector Ship (Firebase Reactor Hazard)

Special Requirements:

Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum​​
Choose your Commander Shepard from any of the six classes available. Then choose your two team mates from the list above to form your squad. This is a trio challenge.
Full extraction required.

List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1:  CelticCookie-N7S (Shepard - Engineer),

RedLightning-N7S (Garrus), Qven (Mordin)

Squad2:  CelticCookie-N7S (Shepard - Sentinel),

Sonashii (Mordin), The_Doctor46N7 (Garrus)

Squad3:  DrunkDriver10 (Shepard - Infiltrator),
RedLightning-N7S (
Thane), Just3ven-N7S (Garrus)

Squad4:  NinjaSuperiority (Shepard - Adept),

SenorZanahoria (Samara), TheNightSlasher (Thane)

Squad5:  RedLightning-N7S (
Shepard - Engineer),
Jaidas-N7S (
Grunt), Standgeblase (Thane)

Squad6:  RedLightning-N7S (
Shepard - Soldier),
CrazyBiker-N7S (
Garrus), Jaidas-N7S (Grunt)

You are Commander Shepard. Resurrected by Cerberus to fight the new Reaper threat. The Reapers are on the move again but this time through the Collectors. The council has been in denial about the Reaper threat for two long years. Your military records are corrupted and without those records you are free to retrain as any of the six classes available to you. With no help from the council you have to build your own team, tackling the Collector threat with the squad mates and weapons available to you at each stage.


Working with your two chosen companions you have been tasked by the Illusive Man to investigate a seemingly inert and damaged Collector ship so that Edi can determine how the Collectors pass though the Omega 4 Relay.