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Wrecking Machines
From: C U Engineering Club

Your match got quite a following here at the Citadel U. Engineering Club. When we heard you were in the Arena, we polled the club for what kind of dream matchup they'd like to see. Funny thing - the votes came in and not a lot of people wanted Reapers or Cerberus. (I guess that's too much like the news). They wanted to see you take down Geth, like the old days. So they're getting some friends together and I wanted to ask, could you do one for us? Geth, on the Blasteroid map?
We can't really afford to pay you, and you're probably doing pretty well for yourself anyway as a big-time Spectre and all that, but some of the engineers here are in weapons research. Give us a game, and we'll make you a mod? Is that too gauche?
Thanks, Dave Shanel Anti-President, CU Engineering Club



Shepard - any Human Character using any available weapons
Plus any 2 characters from below:
Wrex - Krogan Sentinel with shotguns and/or pistols
Jack - Human Female Adept with smgs and/or pistols
Grunt - Krogan Soldier with shotguns and/or assault rifles
Samara - Asari Justicar with smgs and/or assault rifles
Kasumi - N7 Shadow with smgs and/or pistols
Zaeed - Human Soldier with assault rifles and/or sniper rifles
EDI - AIU with smgs and/or pistols
Garrus - Turian Soldier with sniper rifles and/or assault rifles
Liara - Asari Adept with smgs and/or pistols
James - N7 Destroyer with assault rifles and/or shotguns
Kaiden - Human Sentinel with assault rifles and/or pistols
Javik - Collector Adept with assault rifles and/or pistols
Tali - Quarian Female Engineer with shotguns and/or pistols
(Reegar Carbine not allowed)
Map: Blasteroid
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Special Requirements:
Shepard MUST extract


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S (Javik), BadMojo-N7S (Shepard), Standgeblase (Liara) screen