AAA Unusual Scores

Author: CelticCookie-N7S

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Memory Leak Isolated
From: AAA Information Technology Dept

​Commander Shepard,
Interesting news! The memory leak isn't caused by scoring at all. There's a program running in the background that is siphoning off resources.
We're not certain of the full extent of the errors the program introduces - the running joke is that our arena was constructed on an old Prothean burial ground. We'll need a live test to find out more. Please test the Spin Zone map against geth allies with their enhanced enemy shields enabled. We think that by doing so we'll have a good shot at discovering what the real problem is.
Just as a precaution, we've attached a waiver to this message for you to sign. It's mostly a formality to say your next of kin will not litigate.
See you inside!
Virginia Ruojian, Principal Systems Administrator
Armax Arsenal Arena



Shepard - any Human Character using any available weapons
Plus any 2 characters from below:
Wrex - Krogan Sentinel with shotguns and/or pistols
Jack - Human Female Adept with smgs and/or pistols
Grunt - Krogan Soldier with shotguns and/or assault rifles
Samara - Asari Justicar with smgs and/or assault rifles
Kasumi - N7 Shadow with smgs and/or pistols
Zaeed - Human Soldier with assault rifles and/or sniper rifles
EDI - AIU with smgs and/or pistols
Garrus - Turian Soldier with sniper rifles and/or assault rifles
Liara - Asari Adept with smgs and/or pistols
James - N7 Destroyer with assault rifles and/or shotguns
Kaiden - Human Sentinel with assault rifles and/or pistols
Javik - Collector Adept with assault rifles and/or pistols
Tali - Quarian Female Engineer with shotguns and/or pistols
(Reegar Carbine not permitted)
Map: Fatal Error
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum
Special Requirements:
Shepard MUST extract


Squad1: BadMojo-N7S (Shepard), RedLightning-N7S (Kasumi), Standgeblase (Zaeed) screen