Eezo Peezo Zero

Capta1nAsh & Fyracor-N7S



Securing resources and finding places to settle is important if we are to ensure the survival
of our people in the Heleus Cluster. Luckily, the Initiative's best prospecting teams found Element Zero in an asteroid and established a mining facility there. Sadly, in the aftermath of the mutiny on the Nexus, many people were exiled and have been forced to fight against and steal from the Initiative in order to stay alive. In the fight for resources however, it is us or them. Even if that doesn't sit right with the Asari unit. They have no right to take our Eezo, and without a buyer, they don't even know what to do with it! We must stand against people we once knew and protect the facility. Should be easy peasy for an experienced squad of four proven Asari.


Characters: 1 of Each Asari
Map: Firebase Zero
Enemy: Outlaw
Difficulty: Platinum
Restrictions: Siphon weapon variants are BANNED. Concussive and Bulwark are fine.


Squad1: hodonkain-N7S, Kahoucta, Ody-N7S, laxximus video