Halting the Exaltations

Capta1nAsh & Fyracor-N7S



The awful truth of what happens to those unfortunate enough to be captured by the Kett has
been uncovered. They research and alter the DNA of species they dominate and assimilate traits they deem useful. And now they plan to do the same to everyone in the Heleus Cluster. Their "Exaltation", as they call it, does not end with the Angara. Now they have taken a liking to the Krogan species and created new powerful and angry beasts called Behemoths from captured Krogan.

In the face of a common enemy and the Pathfinder working hard to build trust between the Angara and the Milky Way species, the Angara and the Krogan settlers on Elaaden have joined forces to fight back against the Kett and to stop their vile experiments.


Characters: 2 Angaras and 2 Krogan (Must be different classes)
Map: Firebase Derelict
Enemy: Kett
Difficulty: Platinum
Restrictions: Siphon weapon variants are BANNED. Concussive and Bulwark are fine.