Capta1nAsh & Fyracor-N7S



Life in the Heleus Cluster was never easy, especially after the Archon and his Kett invaded our home worlds and killed and captured many of our people. In spite of this the Angara stood proud and fought tooth and nail against the Kett.
However, now there is a new threat. Strange aliens have entered the Cluster; a collection of creatures of various shapes and sizes. And if they were not invading our worlds, pillaging our already scarce resources and shooting civilians, it would almost be impressive to see them cooperating so easily.

We are a proud people, and we will not allow others to exploit us. We will show them the price of taking our hard-won resources. This is our home and we will defend it


Characters: 1 of each Angara
Weapons: Angaran/Kett Weaponry Only! (Players are NOT allowed to use the same weapons as each other)
Map: Firebase Aqua
Enemy: Outlaw
Difficulty: Platinum
Restrictions: Siphon weapon variants are BANNED. Concussive and Bulwark are fine.

Weapons that are allowed: Soned, Sovoa, Thokin, Zalkin, Rozerad, Silesh, Ushior, Isharay, Lanat, Naladen, Dhan & Hesh