Capta1nAsh & Fyracor-N7S



Curiously, the Salarian Ark brought two Batarians with it from the Milky Way. Former pirates wanting to start anew and seeking a more peaceful life, they turned in evidence against their old boss.
Granted asylum by the Initiative, they survived the trip to Andromeda and the Archon's flagship taking control of their Ark. Eventually they arrived on the Nexus, being received with mixed feelings from the other races.

Batarians are generally known as bloodthirsty pirates and slavers in the Milky Way. As such, even decent Batarians will be judged by their race and not their character first. And so the first and last Batarians to ever exist in Andromeda must make a name for themselves. To prove to the Nexus that they have truly left their past behind them and that they are soldiers who want to help and protect the Initiative. To give back to the people who took them in when they had nowhere left to go.

Kandros, still sceptical of the new arrivals, decided to send them to a mining facility on Voeld infested with drug dealers and pirating exiles from the Nexus. This is their chance to get rid of the bad reputation and to redeem themselves in the eyes of their doubters in the Initiative. To prove to themselves that leaving their pirate life behind and trying to start anew in Andromeda was not a mistake.


Characters: 1 of each Batarian
Map: Firebase Icebreaker
Enemy Outlaw
Difficulty: Platinum
Restrictions: Siphon weapon variants are BANNED. Concussive and Bulwark are fine.