Return to Sender

Capta1nAsh & Fyracor-N7S



The scientists of the Initiative have had a field day with the secrets discovered in the remnant
vaults by the pathfinder. Thanks to those discoveries the science team, in cooperation with APEX, was able to design new weapons and armour. They even managed to hack some observer units to give our strike teams and edge in the field.
What is the best use for this new tech? Well, to help the Initiative salvage more tech! There is an abandoned Kett facility on the outer edges of Angaran space built inside an old Remnant structure. Whatever drove out the Kett must still be in the ruins. Go in there, find out what happened and learn as much as you can about the Remnant.


Characters: Human Juggernaut, Human Artificer, Salarian Architect (1 of each)
Weapons: Remnant Weapons Only. (Players are NOT allowed to use the same weapons as each other)
Map: Firebase Paradox
Enemy: Remnant
Difficulty: Platinum
Restrictions: Siphon weapon variants are BANNED. Concussive and Bulwark are fine.
Weapons that are allowed: P.A.W., Sweeper, Equalizer, Inferno, Shadow & Scattershot. Anything not listed is not allowed.