Collector Base Infiltration

Author: CelticCookie

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You are Commander Shepard. Resurrected by Cerberus to fight the new Reaper threat. The Reapers are on the move again but this time through the Collectors. The council has been in denial about the Reaper threat for two long years. Your military records are corrupted and without those records you are free to retrain as any of the six classes available to you. With no help from the council you have to build your own team, tackling the Collector threat with the squad mates and weapons available to you at each stage.

As Commander Shepard you have traveled through The Omega 4 Relay. This is stage 2, with your surviving teammates you must now infiltrate the base and fight your way to its very heart.



Note: this mission occurs after special training on the Collector ship so all classes for Shepard can now add Shotguns/Assault Rifles or Sniper Rifles to their inventory.

Commander Shepard Characters:
Must be the same class as used in Collector Base: Defeat the Collectors - Collector base Part 1.​

Crew Characters:
Miranda (Female Human Sentinel with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)
Jacob (Phoenix Vanguard with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol)
Garrus (Turian Soldier Marksman with Sniper Rifle and/or Assault Rifle)
Mordin (Salarian Engineer with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)
Jack (Female Human Adept with SMG and/or Shotgun)
Grunt (Krogan Soldier with Shotgun and/or Assault Rifle)
Thane (any Drell with Sniper Rifle and/or SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)
Tali (Female Quarian Engineer with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol)
Samara (Asari Justicar with Assault Rifle and/or Heavy Pistol)
Legion (Geth Infiltrator with Sniper Rifle and/or Assault Rifle)​

Note: any teammates that failed to extract from Collector Base Part 1 cannot be used in Part 2 or Part 3.

Map: Armax: Prime Evil
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum​​

Special Requirements:
Mission: Collector Base: Infiltration (Armax: Prime Evil) Commander Shepard MUST be the same class as used in Part 1. Any team mates that failed to extract in Part 1 are ineligible for selection. This is a trio challenge. Commander Shepard MUST extract as a minimum condition.


Squad1: CelticCookie-N7S (Shepard - Sentinel), Sonashii (Legion), The_Doctor46N7 (Garrus) screen | video

Squad2: NinjaSuperiority (Shepard - Adept), SenorZanahoria (Miranda), TheNightSlasher (Thane) video

Squad3: RedLightning-N7S (Shepard - Engineer), Jaidas-N7S (Miranda), Standgeblase (Thane) video