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Authors: Prof_Boris-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

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Congratulations and cake. That was the plan. After weeks of gruelling training and trials N7 rank was finally earned. The squad back in Vancouver bought a cake to celebrate. No brass, no officials. Just friends and laughter before our careers in the Alliance split us apart.

The plan changed.

Not long after the arrival of the shuttle from Brazil the invasion began. The initial reports were the stuff of nightmares. A dreadnought over the city was destroyed, civilian transports obliterated as they tried to flee to safety, local defenders were overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the enemy before them.

The squad fought from the spaceport back to the office with the arms left by the dead and the dying. The area was known. Traps could be laid along the common routes, vantages for sniping could be setup. The alternate ways in and out unknown to the enemy would allow escape.

In theory.

The office was already smashed. A room was turned into a makeshift morgue. It was clear that local Alliance forces had used the area to try and hold out or at least treat the wounded before evac. No one was left when the squad arrived. No one alive to tell the tale of what had happened only their arms and ammo.

All that was left was the cake. The cake meant for the afternoon tea to celebrate gaining N7 ranking. To celebrate achievement of friends dedicated to serve and protect humanity. It will not be taken like the lives of so many this day. It will stand, it will hold, afternoon tea will be had.



Characters: 1x N7 Destroyer, 1x Vanilla Human Soldier, 1x Vanilla Human Infiltrator
Map: Firebase Vancouver
Difficulty: Gold only
Enemy: Collectors

Allowed Weapons (N7 Destroyer)
N7 Typhoon or N7 Valkyrie must be equipped in Assault Rifle slot,
One sidearm from list below allowed.

Allowed Weapons (all characters)
Snipers: Raptor, Viper, Mantis, Incisor
Assault Rifles: Avenger, Mattock, Argus, Vindicator
SMGs: Shuriken, Hornet, Tempest, Locust
Shotguns: Katana, Scimitar, Eviscerator
Pistols: Phalanx, Predator, Carnifex, Suppressor

Special Requirements: Video recording is required!
Geth Scanner and Batarian Gauntlet gear not allowed.
This challenge has area restrictions, check the links below at the Platinum Squads section for marked areas!
On non-objectives waves, players remain within a medical building on the rooftop,
check the links for boundaries.
At least two players must remain close to the cake (the screenshot below: Cake Protection Area 2)
Players can replace each other for that area.

Everyone can run around the map freely during the active objective,
once the objective/s is done all players must return to the cake area.

Protecting players are allowed to go outside the protection area 2 for reviving others and refilling ammo.
On extraction wave players do not extract. They must defend the cake at all costs!

Any voice recordings must have players screaming 'PROTECT THE CAKE!' at least once :)


Cake Protection Area 1 (enemies can't go beyond this line),

Cake Protection Area 2 (guarding area for 2 players)

Players can't go beyond these areas: 

Ramp Side Boundary 1 , Ramp Side Boundary 2 , Middle Entrance Boundary


Squad1: biegoo-N7S , FatBlasto-N7S , RedLightning-N7S video

Squad2:SenorZanahoria-N7S, yvetteeeeeee-N7S, RedLightning-N7S video1 | video2

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