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While on his Pilgrimage, Shio'Leth vas Novarra discovered the legendary Kholas Array, three inactive primary mass relays joined together by the geth using strange technology, creating an increased-speed-of-light corridor that allows you to see distant places almost in real time. Before his unpleasant escape, he managed to take a look at a couple of planets in the Andromeda Galaxy and discover a place suitable for quarian colonization. After sharing the findings with the Andromeda Initiative, a flaw in his equations was discovered. Now it's Shio's duty and a matter of psychical health to return to the array and re-check his discoveries.
Olan Kooth, codename Zeta, was one of the top agents of the Salarian Task Groups. Constantly seeking to improve his capabilities through implanting, he eventually grew unstable and STG had to cut ties with him. Scouting a human colony after it's been ravaged by geth, he discovers an unknown origin technology that allows him to accomplish his goals. However, it began deteriorating his mind and body even further, forcing him to find more of this technology to examine, understand and deliver a countermeasure. Having learned about the Kholas Array from Shio during an unpleasant meeting, he heads straight there.
Tiran Kandros is tasked by the turian military with investigating the Andromeda Initiative under suspicions of them researching geth technology. Pretending to be a mercenary under Jien Garson, his task becomes to find and retrieve Shio'Leth, suspected of being abducted or gone mad. His road leads through Omega, when he recaptures Shio and, under the impression of his cousin Nyrees's words, decides to actually join the Initiative. Declared a deserter by the military, Tiran's focus becomes to bring Shio to the Kholas Array to let him ensure that the Initiative doesn't go blind.
After the three reach the Array in two groups, Zeta and Kandros deflect waves of geth while Shio operates the astrotelescope and gathers data.



Quarian Male Engineer with Arc Pistol (Shio)
Salarian Infiltrator/Engineer (Zeta)
Turian Soldier/Turian Havoc Soldier (Kandros)
Map: Firebase Keelah
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Gold (Hardcore)/Platinum (Insanity)
Special Requirements
Missiles allowed on objective waves (extraction included),
for sync-kill prevention and revive facilitation.
Zeta does not extract, Shio does all devices.


Squad1: Sonashii, TheNightSlasher, SenorZanahoria video1 | video2 


Squad1: trigg-N7S, JadeDragonMTR-N7S, ExLo05-N7S video1 | video2 | video3