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No one knows the true name of this person so we'll be referring to her by her favourite alias.
Rasa spent her childhood in mines as a slave. Having heard that Cerberus "stands for something" during her master's brawl with a Shadow Broker agent that resulted with her freedom, she joins Cerberus at a young age to stand for something.
Rasa spends a lot of time with Cerberus, becoming a well-regarded agent and crossing paths with many people she would later enlist on Shepard's team – but first, some data on Shepard is to be gathered. Rasa is introduced to the Lazarus Project on its early stage, after a clone of Shepard is completed with promising results and the team employs the experience drawn from it to revive the actual Shepard. Rasa is tasked with contacting a Spectre on the Citadel and stealing the data under the cover of trading info on Cerberus.
The mission fails miserably and Rasa is grounded by her overseer. Growing more and more dissatisfied with learning about her situation, she decides to steal the clone, escape, and begin a new life. A thoroughly prepared plan is put in motion: the station's communications are compromised, the mechs reprogrammed, the scientists working at the labs shot and the clone pod taken by mechs en route to a shuttle. Now the only thing between Rasa and her new future is the Cerberus security force under the command of her now-former boss, Miranda Lawson.



Human Female Infiltrator with N7 Crusader (Rasa)
Geth Juggernaut with Geth Spitfire/N7 Typhoon/Striker Assault Rifle (YMIR mech)
Geth Infiltrator with M-77 Paladin (LOKI mech)
Map: Firebase Invasion/Firebase Refuge
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Gold (Hardcore)/Platinum (Insanity)
Special Requirements:
Missiles allowed on objective waves (extraction included), for sync-kill prevention and revive facilitation.
Only Rasa and YMIR mech have to extract.


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S, N7Cross, Standgeblase screen