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A critical piece of artificial intelligence technology was stolen from the Andromeda Initiative. Although a copy exists, the stolen part needs to be "reacquired" or destroyed quietly to prevent a galaxy-wide disaster or at least a political shitstorm that would delay the launch. Lieutanant Cora Harper is tasked with this mission and outfitted with SAM-E, an experimantal AI program capable of limited integration with her body.

After routing the galaxy back and forth, her track ultimately leads to the Quiet Eddy dwarf planet, Pamyat system, Hades Nexus. Having survived an attempt of a cybernetic attack on her shuttle while approaching an uncharted structure on the surface and armed only with her biotics and an ultralight Acolyte pistol, Cora infiltrates the facility only to be met with dangerous, abominable zombies and the carnage they did. Cora escapes to the facility's lowest level where she meets a group of hiding disaster survivors who paint the picture of the events.

Quiet Eddy was an Alliance black op facility, working in parallel on combat cybernetics that would give humans a chance against physically stronger species and artificial intelligence-to-body integration. In order to accelerate the AI research, an experimental kernel was stolen from Alec Ryder by an Alliance officer and assassin operative Vlassia Ariokis, and integrated into the tested AI, which then turned rogue, began infecting the cybernetics test subjects on site and turning them into the husks Cora just fought. An escape plan is devised: a distraction program is to be introduced into the station's systems that will feed the AI with false readings and then the survivors pace to the surface. By Cora's authorization, SAM-E would induce her into a blood rage-like state, giving her better senses and reflexes, greater strength and impressive biotic endurance in order to fight off the husks as a distraction from the rest.

The decoy program is fired and SAM-E overclocks Cora's body allowing her to effectively engage the creatures while Ariokis leads the civilians to safety.



Human Female Vanguard (Cora) using Acolyte with Ultralight Materials and Power Magnifier + Geth Scanner
Volus Mercenary (SAM-E) using M-12 Locust (Hardcore) / M-12 Locust or Collector SMG (Insanity) - must have 6 ranks in Combat Drone and Decoy
N7 Shadow (Ariokis)

Map: Firebase Glacier Hazard
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Gold (Hardcore) / Platinum (Insanity)

Special Conditions:
Hardcore & Insanity: Cora must score 25 biotic Kills and 10 melee kills.
Harcore Only: SAM-E & Ariokis are allowed to use missiles on objective waves (including Extraction) only, plus for sync kill prevention and revive facilitation. Cora is forbidden from using missiles fully.


Squad1: Standgeblase, Fyracor-N7S, RedLightning-N7S screen | video
Squad2: TheNightSlasher, Vastator, SenorZanahoria screen | video
Squad3: Marinara908, TheNightSlasher, RedLightning-N7S screen

squad4: bialakawa,ConsensusVox-N7S,Shady-N7S video

Squad5: bialakawa,eng59land,JadeDragonMTR-N7S  video

Squad6: meh-N7S, Gran_Calc-N7S, SteelWolf89-N7S video1 | video2