Kasumi Stolen Memory

Author: CelticCookie (Suggested by RedLightning-N7S)

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You are Commander Shepard. Resurrected by Cerberus to fight the new Reaper threat. The Reapers are on the move again but this time through the Collectors. The council has been in denial about the Reaper threat for two long years. Your military records are corrupted and without those records you are free to retrain as any of the six classes available to you. With no help from the council you have to build your own team and gain their loyalty by doing personal missions for each.

This is Kasumi's Loyalty Mission.

Master thief Kasumi Goto has a problem: A ruthless arms dealer named Donovan Hock killed her partner, Keiji Okuda, and stole Okuda's graybox, a neural implant that stores memories and information. Kasumi has planned a daring heist to recover Okuda's graybox and has asked for help in pulling it off. Once this is done, Kasumi can dedicate all her attention to completing Shepard's mission.

As Shepard and Kasumi you have successfully broken into Hock's vault, destroyed a couple of priceless possessions and fought your way through his arms warehouse. Now you just need to clear the landing pad for the shuttle to pick you up and escape. Hock is pissed, VERY pissed, and is throwing every merc, mech and mutated pet he owns at you.

Good Luck.



Note: this mission occurs after special training on the Collector ship so all classes for Shepard can now add Shotguns/Assault Rifles or Sniper Rifles to their inventory.

Commander Shepard Characters:
Human Adept with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol
Human Soldier with any weapons
Human Engineer with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol
Human Sentinel with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol
Human Infiltrator with Sniper Rifle and/or Heavy Pistol and/or SMG
Human Vanguard with Shotgun and/or Heavy Pistol​

Crew Characters:
Kasumi (N7 Shadow with SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)

​Map: Firebase Sanctuary
Enemy: Rejects
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum​

Special Requirements:
Loyalty Mission: Kasumi: Stolen Memory (Firebase Sanctuary). Choose your Commander Shepard from any of the six classes available. Kasumi is your partner in this duo. Full extraction required.


Let your Squad be the first in platinum!


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S (Shepard - Engineer), Standgeblase (Kasumi) screen | video
Squad2: SenorZanahoria (Shepard - Sentinel), TheNightSlasher (Kasumi) video