Mass Effect 2 Missions

Author: CelticCookie

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You are Commander Shepard.

Resurrected by Cerberus to fight the new Reaper threat. The Reapers are on the move again but this time through the Collectors. The council has been in denial about the Reaper threat for two long years. Your military records are corrupted and without those records you are free to retrain as any of the six classes available to you. With no help from the council you have to build your own team, tackling the Collector threat with the squad mates and weapons available to you at each stage.



Some of these challenges require you to install Redemption via Mod Manager. If you have any questions, reach us in the corresponding Discord channel dedicated specifically to this. This expansion of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer experience would not be possible without Mgamerz and his team. Thank You for your time and effort invested in creating these multiplayer packs.


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