Omniblades in the Dark

Author: yvettee-N7S

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This challenge is based on the Omniblades in the Dark campaign created by GM Austin Walker, of Friends at the Table, and played/voice-acted by Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Kat Barkwell, Boldwin Li, and Ali Acampora. All credit goes to Walker for his beautiful story, characters, and world-building; I have only converted his story into this short challenge prompt. The full campaign can be watched here:

This synopsis and challenge contains heavy spoilers for the campaign! Do not read beyond this point if you wish to have a spoiler-free viewing experience.
In the heart of the Terminus Systems, criminals find safe haven in Omega station. With no central government or law enforcement to speak of, this place, which has earned the names "the place of secrets”, "the world without law”, and "the heart of evil”, is obsessed with power, money, and exploitation.

Within this neon-lit metropolis is a small, upstart mercenary group known as Driftwöd Solutions: a gang of colourful characters with priceless skills ranging from reconnaissance, demolitions, intimidation to… fake-crying. They earned a name for itself after a number of years of working on various for-hire assignments together, earning credits and recruiting like-minded members as they traverse the galaxy.

After receiving a cryptic message from Ms. Malediction, a returning client of theirs, Driftwöd Solutions is asked to infiltrate an abandoned facility called “Grail Genomics” to recover the research there. The only problem? Grail Genomics was in the middle of Deimos Sector – a battle-torn district stuck in the middle of a Batarian-Volus war.

To cut a long story short, the team found themselves in a stressful but comedic adventure including infiltrating through a Blood Pack-guarded settlement, crawling through stinking sewers, and discussing human-based literature in front of a snail painting. Driftwöd Solutions now finds itself in the heart of an underground facility underneath Grail Genomic. Down this hallway and behind two barred doors is a secret laboratory run by Chief Scientist Crossley, whose megalomania has driven him to abduct various mercenaries and inject their consciousness into LOKI mechs, which he can control to do his bidding.

The whirr of machines signal danger to the squad; “our King is coming, our King is coming, and his domain is death itself”, an automated voice echoes from within.



Difficulty: Gold/Platinum
Characters/Weapons: pick 4 from the following list:
⁃ Vrok: Vorcha Soldier with N7 Piranha (i.e. his “Blood Pack Shotgun”)
⁃ Razoo Locus: Salarian Engineer with SMG
⁃ Kaebus Malus: Turian Engineer with Any Weapon
⁃ Kayra Tenil: Drell Assassin Infiltrator with Heavy Pistol
⁃ Max Rowley: Human Female Infiltrator with Sniper Rifle
Map: Firebase White / Hazard White
Enemy: Rejects
Special Conditions:
⁃ Only Kaebus can bring Armored Compartments
⁃ Max must get 10 Headshots at least
⁃ Vrok must get 10 Melee Kills at least
⁃ Razoo must get 10 Revives at least
⁃ Kayra must get 25 Assists at least


Squad1: TheNightSlasher, Sonashii, Vormav-N7S and SenorZanahoria video


Squad1: TheNightSlasher, Sonashii, Vormav-N7S and SenorZanahoria video