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Year 2186. Paul Grayson, a red sand addict and Cerberus defector, is found by Kai Leng and his squad. Believing red sand to be a good tool at weakening his resistance, the Illusive Man orders that he's administered a dose of the drug mixed with nanite Reaper technology, for to study the indoctrination.
By the time Grayson's indoctrination allows his masters to take control of his bodily processes, the turian military raids the research base, killing everyone who did not manage to escape and liberating Grayson. While Grayson is escorted away on a shuttle, the Reapers take the chance, make him kill his escort in a brutish way, and break free.
Admiral David Anderson and the Cerberus assassin Kai Leng independently go after Grayson for different reasons. After he's lured to Omega by a message from his friend Kahlee Sanders, they witness him kill tens of Aria T'Loak's people and break free again. Kai Leng offers "cooperation" at leaving the station to Anderson and Sanders, only to be attacked by surprise and incapacitated as they depart.
As Grayson's indoctrination progresses, the Reapers are able to read into his memory and learn about the Ascension Project. Eager to learn about biotics in humans, they send him to the Grissom Academy to relay all the knowledge accumulated in the Project's database.
Kahlee properly deduces Grayson's destination and the ship with her, Anderson and the restrained Kai Leng heads to the Academy. As they arrive, Anderson goes for a chase after Grayson and Kahlee directs an emergency lockdown of the station, aiming at protecting its children. On the ship, Kai Leng manages to get free from his bindings and goes after Grayson on his own, aided by a biotic student who had a crush on Kahlee and escaped the lockdown wanting to protect her, Nick Donahue.



Anderson: N7 Destroyer with N7 Crusader
Kai Leng: N7 Slayer with M-358 Talon
Nick: Human Male Adept with M-96 Mattock
Map: Firebase Atrium
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Gold (Hardcore and Insanity) For Insanity: Anderson and Kai Leng CANNOT revive each other.
Special Requirements:
Nick must have Shockwave power. No wave 11 bleedouts. Only Kai Leng has to extract.
Missiles allowed on objective waves, extraction wave, to prevent sync kills/stomping and to clear areas for/after a revive/gel.


Squad1 (Insanity): Standgeblase, PapaJester, RedLightning-N7S screen