Author: aznitrous. Dedicated to Team Consensus of N7S Arena

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They were seven – against the whole Galaxy.

Two of them were N7 – one, a battle-scarred veteran, and the other, his complete opposite. The former spoke very little, mostly keeping his thoughts to himself and only occasionally dropping a line or two – but everyone knew that he also was the one awarded with multiple medals for rushing straight into hell with his sword drawn and saving those who fought beside him in situations that would otherwise mean certain death. The latter, who had just enlisted in the N7 Program, was the youngest of the group, and would charge ahead and seek for the enemies, showing no mercy and sowing death and destruction with his trusty weapons, ready to catch bullets so that others wouldn’t have to.

The rest were Alliance Forces – but each of them could easily rival any N7 in skill, experience and spirit. Such was the Vanguard – always on the frontline, living on the edge and being in the enemies’ faces, yet somehow managing to dodge all bullets – and at the same time keeping the team’s spirit up, telling everyone that everything was going to be alright even if others thought of a mission as impossible. And such was the Adept, who kept space and time warped and vibrating with biotic explosions, yet looking for enemies that couldn’t handle the heat of the battle and were hiding behind low cover to bring them instant death. And should the situation start getting out of control, he would be the first one to pull out a missile launcher – and the following explosion would tell everyone that everything was going to be okay. And so would the Soldier, who had known the Adept for longer than others and who had no match in combat skills, a one-man army who had enough firepower to fight a whole platoon because he himself was worth a whole platoon. And then there was the Engineer, a shrewd and experienced tactician, planning each battle ahead. watching and supporting others – both when it came to fighting outer and inner demons, ready to give a helping hand to those who needed it – even before they would realize they did.

She was checking her sniper rifle and watching the guys discuss the upcoming missions. They were all she could wish for, the best of the best – and she knew that with them by her side, she could fearlessly jump into anything life would bring head first – and be back unharmed. Such was the group that had all it takes to be strong just enough to win this war.

Such was The Team.



All For One, One For All

This Challenge is different from others. It consists of four games, during which you can choose any of the characters from the list below; the number of characters can also be any. However, remember that each character, map, and enemy faction should be played at least once.


1x N7 Slayer armed with Wraith

Special Requirements: get a Melee Kills medal and a Revives medal.

1x Human Male Engineer armed with shotguns and/or heavy pistols

Special Requirements: get a Tech Kills medal and a Revives medal.

1x Human Male Soldier armed with Wraith or Venom

Special Requirements: get a Weapon Kills medal.

1x Human Male Vanguard armed with Talon.

Special Requirements: get a Biotics Kills medal.

1x N7 Destroyer Soldier armed with N7 Typhoon

Special Requirements: get a Weapon Kills medal.

1x Human Male Adept armed with Acolyte and/or Collector SMG

Special Requirements: get a Grab medal and a Killstreak team medal.

1x Human Female Infiltrator armed with Black Widow or Javelin

Special Requirements; get a Headshots medal.

Maps: Firebase Rio, Firebase Vancouver, and Firebase London.
Enemies: Reapers, Cerberus, Geth, and Collectors.

Difficulty: Gold (Hardcore) or Platinum (Insanity).


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