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Cerberus Kai Leng

Author: RedLightning-N7S

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Illusive Man's orders: Travel to Thessia, we have discovered a secret Prothean beacon inside the ancient temple of Athame. The information contained there would ensure the humanity's superiority above Reapers. Clear any Reaper threat with a small infiltration team, kill all scientists and set up a trap for our old friend Shepard. Stay there and wait for him, my sources are saying that he should be there soon. Shepard is expendable, you should be no match for him.



Cerberus thanks you for all your hard work

Characters: Kai Leng (N7 Slayer), 3x Phantoms (N7 Shadow) All to be colored to match Cerberus colors as close as possible.
Weapons: any weapon for Kai Leng (except Reegar Carbine, Venom and Sniper Rifles)
for Phantoms - Arc Pistol only.
Map: Firebase Goddess
Enemy: Reaper
Difficulty: Platinum

Special Conditions: Phantoms should not have Electric Slash and no Shadow Strike,
Sword Mastery can be maximum at Rank 5.
Only Kai Leng and at least one Phantom need to extract at minimum.
Geth Scanner and Armored Compartments not allowed.


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, BadMojo-N7S, Standgeblase screen
Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, ValerioME3, Songun-Ho screen
Squad3: aznitrous-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, CrunchTroll-N7S, hodonkain-N7S screen
Squad4: CC-N7S, Standgeblase, heLLion-N7S, RedLightning-N7S screen | video1 | video2

Squad5: TransferOrbit, Paragus Prime, ItsMessenger-N7S, BergsterR6 video

Squad6: bialakawa, ConsensusVox-N7S, Shady-N7S, Vanguard-N7S video1 | video2


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