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Mean Girls 2

Author: yvettee-N7S

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Female Turian “Cabals” are venomous women.

Privileged upbringings, private schooling, and the rarity of Turians biotics meant that these four Cabals grew up feeling superior to those around them. With their perfectly manicured talons, carefully drawn face paint and cold shoulders, they are ironically but not surprisingly Palaven’s most popular and well-known hellcats. But what our ladies are really known for is their affinity for both tech and biotics; years of strict training have made them deadly, priceless, and adaptable soldiers, with their squad receiving some of the most dangerous high-stakes-deep-undercover missions and yet somehow always making it out alive.

The Cabals have received an order from Turian High Command to assist in taking back Palaven. They arrived just in time to see a Banshee skulking around a military outpost. As she lets out a terrifying screech, a Cabal responds acidly: “Stop trying to to make ‘REEEEEEE!!!’ happen. It’s NOT gonna happen.”

It is the return of the “Plastics”, just from a different planet. So get in loser, we’re going shooting!



Difficulty: Platinum
Characters: 4 x Cabal Vanguards, dressed in pink
Weapons: Each Cabal must use a weapon from a different category (i.e. only 1 player can use a shotgun, etc, only 1 player can use an assault rifle, etc.).
Map: Firebase Condor
Enemy: Reapers
Special Conditions:
• No Reegar
• Missile usage restricted to Objective waves only. NO missiles on extraction.
• No Armored Compartments.
• All Cabals must fully spec into Poison Strike.
• Video recording required for this challenge.


Squad1: ConsensusVox-N7S, meh-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, Onomatopoeia-N7S video | video

Squad2: bialakawa, eng59land, ConsensusVox-N7S, RedLightning-N7S video | video

Squad3: SenorZanahoria, Onomatopoeia-N7S, Twilistere-N7S, yvettee-N7S video | video | video

Squad4: SenorZanahoria, Sonashii, The_Doctor46N7, TheNightSlasher video

Squad5: hodonkain-N7S, RebelATS, TransferOrbit, Vormav-N7S video | video

Squad6: ExLo05-N7S; bialakawa; prince-N7S;trigg-N7S video

Squad7: biegoo-N7S, Simulate-N7S, TheNightSlasher-N7S, S3nt1nel-N7S video1 | video2

Squad8: SiLent N7S, Purple-N7S, e debs N7S, SteelWolf89 video


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