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Rite of Passage

Author: dglammers-N7S

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You're a Krogan, and becoming an adult. You feel unrest in your body, you can't sleep, and you're itching for a fight.
You visit your clan leader who sends you to the clan shaman.

"There's nothing wrong with you, you're just becoming an adult," the clan leader tells you. "Visit the shaman to learn about your rite."
"To begin the rite, only the candidate and their krantt are required," the shaman tells you. "During the rite, you must be ready for anything, but make sure you don't bleed out."

The reapers have started to send in more as well as special troops. It seems some of those are incredibly explosive.
But, we are Krogan, and this is our homeplanet, Tuchanka. Only WE get to destroy it! The reapers are NOT welcome here.



Team setup: Four players
Characters: At least one Krogan (any Krogan will do) is required.
Map: Firebase Dagger, Firebase Dagger hazard, Firebase Hydra or Firebase Brimstone (Redemption mod)
Enemy: Reaper
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

Special requirements:
- Video recording is required for this challenge!
- The lobby host must use the following mods and install them:
* Zombie Mod
* Enemy friendly fire
* Hack all the things is optional. Install after Zombie Mod, but before Enemy Friendly fire.
- The Krogan going through the Rite is not allowed to bleed out, smashed, stomped or stabbed to death. This character must be protected and MUST extract.
- Missiles can only be used on extraction wave or to help out the Krogan to prevent them being killed.



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