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Unwilling Subjects

Author: Songun-Ho

Mass Effect N7S Logo 1920x1080.jpg



After commander Shepard's famous "suicide mission" through the Omega 4 relay, The Illusive Man had his hands on what remained of the Collector Base and their project of creating a human-like Reaper.
Cerberus began to do a lot of experiments on the Collector in order to have a better understanding of their bio-technology, the way their hierarchy works, the way they share information, how their Seeker Swarms work and are able to disrupt armor systems. Few Collectors that were lightly damaged were transferred to Sanctum, in order to be re-animated and observed. Unfortunately for Cerberus, two of them became violent and managed to escape, inflicting heavy damage to the facility, causing problems with the organic-drone prototype. The security personnel of the installation then received an order to destroy those Collectors.



Characters: x2 Collector Adepts
Weapons: Collector weapons only
Map: Glacier Hazard (Sanctum)
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Platinum


Squad1: Qven & ValerioME3 screen
Squad2: RedLightning-N7S & Songun-Ho screen
Squad3: NinjaSuperiority & TheNightSlasher-N7S screen

Squad4: The_Doctor46N7 & x3lander screen

Squad5: meh-N7S & RedLightning-N7S video

Squad6: Ody-N7S & yvetteeeeeee-N7S video1 | video2

Squad7: eng59land & JadeDragonMTR-N7S video

Squad8: bialakawa, heLLion-N7S video

Squad9: Simulate & RedLightning-N7S video


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