Paragon Lost

Challenge created by: Bingbangpoe-N7S

NOTE: This is Vanilla challenge,
the only allowed mods are:
Crusader Fix Mod,
Controller Mod
and any texture mods that don't change the game mechanics.

List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Oyo-N7S, Bingbangpoe-N7S, Vastator, NinjaSuperiority
Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, ValerioME3, Songun-Ho
Squad3: PapaJester, CanadianAdam, JheregJose, FringedAcrobat

Squad4: ValerioME3, AsariAzure-N7S, Songun-Ho, Avina-N7S

Squad5: littlebird330, yveska1, CrisRodgz-N7S, AlanH42

Squad6: RedLightning-N7S, VisibleGhost-N7S, Standgeblase, bixente-Mal



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Battle for Fehl Prime
Characters: Human Soldier (James), Human Adept (Essex), Human Engineer (Nicky), Human Infiltrator (Milque)
Map: Firebase Jade
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum
Reegar Carbine and Cerberus Harrier are not allowed

The rookie Alliance Marine James Vega and his elite Special Forces squad have been tasked into a battle against the Collectors, who attacked the colony Fehl Prime with the intention of abducting the colonists. Outmanned and outgunned, Vega must rally his squad to defend the colony at all costs, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.