Mission Statement:

Vision Statement:

  • <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) strives to develop guild member knowledge and excellent proficiency of challenging endgame (Master Mode, Veteran Mode, and Ranked) multiplayer content via progression teams, veteran player mentorship, and weekly educational events in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).



  • 1500+ guild member characters among both guild factions.

  • 100+ qualifying accounts (subscribed players) in both guild factions.

  • 25+ daily logins from unique qualifying accounts (subscribed players).

  • 4+ weekly scheduled guild events for learning endgame multiplayer content.

  • 1+ monthly scheduled guild events for completing unique and challenging objectives.


  • 15% XP Bonus, 15% Reputation Bonus, and 10% Command XP Bonus for all members.

  • 100%-unlocked Republic cruiser and Imperial dreadnought with a Stronghold utility room.

  • 100%-unlocked Republic and Imperial Rishi Stronghold with dummy parsing and PvP areas.

  • Complete weekly Large-Yield Invasion Planetary Conquest objectives in both guild factions.

  • Learn Operations mechanics, strategies, and tactics in weekly Operations Academy guild events.

  • Learn from Advanced Class Mentors regarding combat ability rotations, gear optimization, and utilities.

  • Join guild teams lead by experienced Team Captains to progress in challenging endgame multiplayer content.


  • "Guild Members First" - Members help guild members first before non-guild members.

  • "Build a Better Guild" - Members are empowered to positively affect the overall guild experience.

  • "Learn and Adapt to Progress" - Members must learn and adapt to progress in multiplayer content.

  • "Pass On What You Have Learned" - Veterans and mentors help guild members develop endgame skills.

  • "Lead by Example" - Officers actively communicate, participate, and individually help guild members.


  • Communicate - Members should openly communicate questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Engage - Members should participate in guild activities; 90-day inactivity rank (MIA).

  • Learn - Members should learn from veteran players and accept advice or criticism.

  • Patience - Members should understand content proficiency requires time and effort.

  • Practice - Members should continuously improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


  • Enjin website providing forums, schedules, signups, guides, tools, news, and direct messaging.

  • Discord server providing real-time voice/text communication, collaboration, and direct messaging.

  • StarParse raid groups providing real-time combat log analysis in multiplayer content from SWTOR.

Questions, Comments, Concerns: