AAA Cerberus

Challenge created by : CelticCookie-N7S

Redemption only

List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: RedLightning-N7S (
Shepard), Standgeblase (Ashley), BadMojo-N7S (James)



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Shepard - any Human Character using any available weapons

James - N7 Destroyer with assault rifles and/or shotguns


EITHER Kaiden - Human Male Sentinel with assault rifles and/or pistols

Ashley - Human Female Soldier with sniper rifles and/or assault rifle

Map: Any Armax Arsenal Arena Map
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

Special Requirements:

Shepard MUST extract

Reegar Carbine not permitted

If I may inquire

From Rutaana


I have nothing but respect for your military service, but not all my associates share this view. They have heard rumours you worked with Cerberus, and their disappointment is intense. I've seen some of them almost visibly frown.

I have confidence this is a scandal with no truth in it. Maybe if you fought Cerberus publicly, my friends and millions like them would be won back. Seeing them believe in their hero again would be worth it. But I wouldn't want you to get hurt fighting them just for me. Could I persuade you and your Alliance soldier friends to enter the Armax combat simulator to beat the simulated Cerberus there?