AAA Charity Reaper

Challenge created by : CelticCookie-N7S

Redemption only

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List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: RedLightning-N7S (
Shepard), Standgeblase (Kaiden), Cross-N7S (James)




Shepard - any Human Character using any available weapons

Plus any 2 characters from below:

Wrex - Krogan Sentinel with shotguns and/or pistols

Jack - Human Female Adept with smgs and/or pistols

Grunt - Krogan Soldier with shotguns and/or assault rifles

Samara - Asari Justicar with smgs and/or assault rifles

Kasumi - N7 Shadow with smgs and/or pistols

Zaeed - Human Soldier with assault rifles and/or sniper rifles

EDI - AIU with smgs and/or pistols

Garrus - Turian Soldier with sniper rifles and/or assault rifles

Liara - Asari Adept with smgs and/or pistols

James - N7 Destroyer with assault rifles and/or shotguns

Kaiden - Human Sentinel with assault rifles and/or pistols

Javik - Collector Adept with assault rifles and/or pistols

Tali - Quarian Female Engineer with shotguns and/or pistols

Map: Any Armax Arsenal Arena Map
Enemy: Reapers
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

Special Requirements:

Shepard MUST extract

Reegar Carbine not permitted

Make a wish come true

From Manava T'Khanna

Dear Commander,

I hope you'll give me a minute of your time, because I'm not a fundraiser. I'm a parent. My daughter Lati was diagnosed with a cerebral tumour a year ago today. After endless tests, the doctors finally went into microsurgery machines and removed the bad tissue. Her outlook is positive, but the recovery has been slow. She doesn't have full use of her limbs.

Lati wanted to be a huntress when she grew up, but she's afraid that the closest she will come is watching games in the Citadel combat simulators. When she heard Commander Shepard was playing, she instantly knew what she wanted was to go to the Citadel and see you live. A small charity called Help a Dream brought her here, and now we want to make one small request. That you fight the toughest Reapers in the simulator and dedicate the match to Help a Dream.

Thank you so much. We'll be watching.