Challenge created by : burningcherry

Redemption only

List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1 (insanity): RedLightning-N7S, BadMojo-N7S, Standgeblase



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Gillian: Human Female Adept (SMG and/or Heavy Pistol)

Hendel: Human Male Sentinel (any weapons listed)

Lemm: Quarian Male Soldier (any weapons listed)


Map: Firebase Invasion
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Hardcore (Gold) or Insanity (Platinum)

Special Requirements

Extraction forbidden, the Idenna must not fall. No wave 11 bleedouts and players must receive Mission Successful without going to the extraction zone.


Missiles allowed on objective waves, extraction wave,
to prevent sync kills/stompings and to clear areas for/after a revive/gel.

Weapons are restricted to Quarian or Cerberus weapons,
M22-Eviscerator and M-11 Wraith

Year 2184. Gillian Grayson, an autistic human teenager, biotic prodigy and the top student of the Ascension Project is wanted by Cerberus. After a Cerberus sleeper agent is caught in the Academy Gillian is evacuated to the Terminus systems. The Academy's research staff leader, Kahlee Sanders, and security officer Hendel Mitra go with her.

On Omega the group is betrayed, put in prison and prepared to be sold to the Collectors. They are rescued by Lemm'Shal nar Tesleya, a quarian pilgrim, believing that some of the crew of a recently kidnapped quarian ship, the Cyniad, are held with them. They escape Omega on a shuttle and Lemm offers Kahlee, Hendel and Gillian refuge with the Migrant Fleet on board the ship Idenna, which they gratefully accept.

On board the Idenna, Kahlee is prepared to speak with the Admiralty about her experiences with Saren. Gillian, now isolated inside a quarian suit, learns to contact the outside world and receives private biotic training from Hendel, a BAaT veteran.

A few days pass then an explosion caused by the recently docked Cyniad occurs in the docking bay. The Idenna's communications go down and Cerberus troops pour onto the ship. The people on the Idenna find themselves repelling the attackers alone.