Grissom Besieged

Challenge created by:  yvettee and RedLightning-N7S

Redemption only

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List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Standgeblase & RedLightning-N7S (
N7 Destroyer)
Squad2: SenorZanahoria & TheNightSlasher (
N7 Destroyer)



"David, I need to see you right away. It’s important. An emergency."


Characters: 1 x N7 Destroyer or Human Male Soldier (David Anderson), 1 x Human Female Engineer (Kahlee Sanders)

Weapons: Assault Rifles for David, Shotguns for Kahlee.

Cerberus Harrier, Particle Rifle and Reegar Carbine not allowed.

Map: Firebase Atrium

[NOTE: Map exploits should be avoided whenever relevant.]

Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Platinum

Special conditions: Kahlee must use Survivor Loadout or
Responder Loadout or Medigel Transmitter.

Geth Scanner not allowed.

Having learnt of the Ascension Project, a training programme at Jon Grissom Academy producing young human biotics with incredible abilities, the Illusive Man ordered for Cerberus operatives to infiltrate and secure the facility. Under their subdue-or-suppress methodology, the majority of Grissom Academy's security and staff were eliminated while defending the students. The only team preventing Cerberus from taking over the Academy is Kahlee Sanders: a director of the Ascension Project and one of the Alliance’s top technicians, and David Anderson: a decorated N7 marine and renowned war hero.


     (This challenge is based loosely off the events in

     Mass Effect: Retribution and Mass Effect: Ascension

     by Drew Karpyshyn)