We Are Biotic Gods

Challenge created by: Bingbangpoe-N7S

NOTE: This is Vanilla challenge,
the only allowed mods are:
Crusader Fix Mod,
Controller Mod
and any texture mods that don't change the game mechanics.

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List of Squads that completed this challenge:
Squad1: Oyo-N7S, Bingbangpoe-N7S, Just3ven-N7S, NinjaSuperiority
Squad2: Qven, BadMojo-N7S, Songun-Ho, ValerioME3
Squad3: CanadianAdam, PapaJester, JheregJose, FringedAcrobat

Squad4: Achion-N7S, aznitrous-N7S, Cristopher-Rodgz, hodonkain-N7S

Squad5: Cristopher-Rodgz, h4LLion, yveska1, Charcolios

Squad6: Sonashii, Wasserpest88, SenorZanahoria, The_Doctor46N7

Squad7: CelticCookie-N7S, Leonudas, Zelisification, Boskmann-1
Squad8: Twilistere, standgelbase, WashedLeaf, Zelisificat-N7S

For Irune!
Characters: 4x any Volus with biotic orbs
Special Conditions: must equip the Batarian Gauntlet gear
Map: Firebase White
Enemy: Reapers
Difficulty: Platinum
Reegar Carbine and Cerberus Harrier are not allowed.

After the Volus Niftu Cal was intoxicated by Eclipse Mercenaries with Biotic-enhancing drugs and was "rescued" by Commander Shepard and Samara, he went back to his merchant life in Nos Astra with fellow Volus Pitne For. However, the drugs had in fact awakened Niftu's dormant Biotic powers, a rare occurrence for Voluses. With his newfound abilities and his head cleared from the drowziness caused by the drugs, Niftu went on a crusade to become a symbol for his people, and looked through the galaxy for other Voluses with Biotic abilities, so he could aid Commander Shepard in his fight against the Reapers.