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Please read and familiarize yourself with our rules
Hosting/removing player-created activities on the N7 SQUAD website is up to the CM team's discretion 

  • 1. Crashing or disconnecting from an activity run requires a restart (submissions before 19.Mar.2022. are grandfathered).

  • 2. Full extraction is required! Unless stated otherwise.

  • 3. Rockets can be used anytime, unless stated otherwise.

  • 4. A screenshot of the final scoreboard is required for submissions, if there are no videos otherwise.

  • 5. N7S Activities for ME3 do not require video recordings unless stated otherwise, although they are strongly encouraged.

  • 6. N7S Activities for MEA and all N7S Solo Stories do require videos!

  • 7. MEA all siphon weapon usage is not allowed. Unless stated otherwise.

  • 8. When a video is recorded, please include the lobby and show everyone's equipment for any N7S Activity (Solo Stories, Challenges, Events).

  • 9. All of the above can be overwritten by the activity's specific requirements!

  • 1. Console commands that affect game mechanics.

  • 2. Split omni-key (separating run and cover).

  • 3. Upload/Hack Objective glitching: Players are not allowed to glitch the Hack Objective by starting the
    hack and running out immediately.

  • 4. Map exploits: Purposefully going out-of-bounds. If a player goes out of bounds/into a hole by accident, the activity attempt is still valid.

  • 5. Glitched character builds: Having a 6/6/6/6/6 build is not allowed or any other glitched builds!

  • 6. Non-multiplayer weapons: Chakram Launcher, Reaper Blackstar, M-920 Cain, Others.

  • 7. Mods that affect game mechanics or give players an unfair visual advantage: For example mods that disable sync-kills or sabotage hacking organics.

  • 8. For hosting PC players: Changing manually max FPS to lower than 60 is not allowed!



Arena: General Rules and Requirements

  • 1. This activity is based on Redemption MP DLC, so in order to take part in it you should have it installed and enabled via ModManager.

  • 2. In order to enter the Arena competition, every new team must register 4 main players. Additional reserve players can still be added, with no limits on the number of reserves. Every registered team must complete Wingman map (four factions) as a full team runs, to officially enter the Arena event. The rest of the runs can be performed based on the team's actual condition - as a solo/duo/trio. All Arena rules still apply to non-full teams runs. Submissions will be valid and compared to the results of the other teams.

  • 3. Each player has to complete 3 Challenges to become eligible.

  • 4. Each player should use a different character. Other than that, no restrictions based on character race/class are applied. NOTE 1: However, if your team is thematic and is based on one race, you are allowed to use the same characters, provided that you maintain the character balance. For example, an all-Vorcha/Drell team would include two characters that are the same; all-Salarian team would include two Engineers and two Infiltrators, and all-Awakened Collector team would include 4 Awakened Collector Adepts. NOTE 2: there can be a maximum of 2 Infiltrators on a team.

  • 5. Each player should use only one character for the entire event.

  • 6. Reserve players (bonus members or backup members) can replace team members by playing the member's chosen character. They play the character of the member they are replacing.

  • 7. Switching teams or being a member of more than one team is not allowed (reserve players included).


Arena: Allowed Mods


Arena: Weapons and Equipment that are Not Allowed

  • 1. Reegar Carbine usage is not allowed.

  • 2. Geth Scanner Gear usage is not allowed.

  • 3. Cobra Missile usage is allowed only on Objective waves and Extraction wave.


Arena: Other Rules and Restrictions

  • 1. Objective exploit (Hack Glitch) is not allowed. However, it is allowed to switch targets during the Targets objective, and Pizza Run is also allowed. Full extraction required.

  • 2. Each team is required to present a video recording of each game played on youtube.

  • 3. Each team can have its Profile Page on the site, and will be assigned a dedicated team role after the completion of the first game (or sooner if a team founder shows big interest, profile page can be good for recruiting).

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