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If FAQ page cannot help you, please access #request-assistance text channel in our Discord server and the first available Community Manager or any other person able to help will reach out to you as soon as possible.





1.1 Be considerate and respectful to other members: appreciate their choices and opinions and do not enforce yours on others. 1.2 Do not be rude, snobbish, elitist, discriminatory, or toxic in general. Use of expletives is allowed within reason, but should not be directed at someone personally as a means to offend them. 1.2.1 Note: This rule may be excepted in cases where the recipient of targeted messages is Sonashii. 1.3 Do not bring up matters that would clearly make most people uncomfortable or start a heated discussion. Such topics include, but are not limited to: politics, religion, violence, etc. 1.4 Pay attention to text channels' topics and do not spam chats with unrelated content. For more information on a channel's topic, select that channel and click on the channel description (top of the window) to learn more. Channel pins can also be very useful.

Moderation and Reporting

2.1 If you find someone’s comment offensive or inappropriate, DM a Community Manager (CM), indicating the user who left the comment, channel where it was posted, and time it was posted. 2.2 If you find yourself in an open conflict with another user in voice chat and feel that you are unable to solve the matter peacefully or in private, DM a Community Manager. 2.3 Any comments violating the rules will be deleted. 2.4 Long off-topic discussions may also be deleted, should the Community Managers deem it necessary. However, you will be notified of the fact that your discussion is about to be deleted.

General Warning and Ban Policies

3.1 If a person violates the rules for the first time, they will be issued a warning by a CM. 3.2 If a person, despite having been warned, continues to violate the rules ignoring CM’s actions, they will be issued a second warning. 3.3 If a person continues to ignore any actions taken by a CM, they will be muted for 24hrs. 3.4 Should a person start an open conflict with the community and fail to negotiate, they will receive an IP ban.

Permaban On Second Offense

4.1 Posting NSFW content or links. 4.2 Posting someone’s personal information without their consent. 4.3 Posting anything illegal (please note that piracy falls into this category).


Users who break the rules of this Discord may be issued ‘strikes. Community Managers/Admins will inform the user if they have been issued a strike. Strikes will work as follows:

  • If a user has received a strike, the strike will last for 6 months, during which we hope the user behaves responsibly and observes the rules. When the 6 months are up, it is the user’s responsibility to notify a Community Manager/Admin.
  • If a user receives two strikes (i.e. the user breaks another rule within the 6 months period of their first strike), the expiration period is extended to 12 months. When the 12 months are up, it is the user’s responsibility to notify a Community Manager/Admin. Both strikes will be removed if the user behaves responsibly and observes the rules during the 12 months.
  • If a user receives three strikes, they will be banned. The ban can be appealed after 12 months. The user should approach a Community Manager/Admin with reasons supporting an appeal (apology, evidence of abuse of position, etc.).


Streaming Roles

There are several roles important for this category: @Mass Effect Streamer - members who have been granted this role are active streamers and have the permission to enter Stream A, B, or C Voice Chat channels freely, as well as move in and out and mute other members in these channels. @Stream Assistant - members who have been granted this role are members of Streamers teams (e.g. chat moderators or multiplayer team members) and have the same permissions.

@Mass Effect Live - users who wish to follow when @Mass Effect Streamer goes live. This role can be tagged by @Mass Effect Streamers in #LFG channels or #Going-Live channel anytime they wish to broadcast any Mass Effect content.
@Community Manager - are allowed to enter any Voice Chat channels should any issues arise. If you want to be given one of the first two roles, please contact a Community Manager directly. Any other members cannot enter Stream A, B, or C Voice Chat channels. Instead, they should enter the Hang Out Voice Chat channel and wait till someone with the @Mass Effect Streamer or @Stream Assistant role moves them to Stream A, B, or C Voice Chat channels.

Stream Voice Chat Guidelines

1. Joining a streamer’s lobby is different from joining any other lobby. 1.1. If you want to join a lobby, please check first if someone there is currently streaming by taking a look at members’ Discord status. If it’s set to Live, it means they are. In this case, please DO NOT drop directly into the lobby unless you’re asked to do so – or you’ve seen a recruit message in the #team-up channel. Rather, visit their Stream chat or send them a message asking if you can join them. 1.2. If you get a polite refusal, do not get offended – most of the time, the streamer plans their schedule and talks to their friends about joining their games, so even if there is an open spot, they might be waiting for others to join. 1.3. Please DO NOT drop into the lobby when a streamer is on air and start talking to them about something completely game- or stream-unrelated because you just need to. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do. If you want to talk to them, rather go to their Stream chat. 1.4. Please remember that the streamer usually decides on the content they're going to stream, and makes announcements to their community, which means it's them who will be accused of hacking or cheating if the game looks weird - so DO NOT bring in your own mods without warning the streamer beforehand and receiving their consent. 1.5. Please remember that it should be the streamer who should decide on the host, because they have to be mindful of what the game looks like to the viewers and how many desyncs they get. 2. When in the lobby, please remember that you’re on air, and that there are people watching you play and listening to you talk, so please don’t do anything that is generally considered inappropriate under such circumstances: 2.1. Remember that some streamers don’t have the Mature Content Warning on their channel, so if that’s the case, you might want to avoid using strong language or certain topics. 2.2. Don’t hijack the stream: remember that you’re not the one “hosting” the game, so please avoid talking more than the streamer does or interrupting what they’re saying, taking the leading role or disrupting the atmosphere in general. 2.3. If the streamer seems to be talking about something completely game-unrelated, they might be answering the chat’s questions, and some of them might be personal. Keep that in mind. 2.4. If you don’t like the game the streamer’s playing, or don’t like the way they’re doing it, avoid expressing your dissatisfaction or annoyance with it – if it’s not for you, it’s not, and you might be better off looking for a different group. 2.5. Avoiding negativity or toxicity in general is strongly advised, because no one likes that. It ruins the mood, destroys the gaming experience, makes both players and viewers upset, and ultimately derails both the stream and the game. 2.6. In most cases, using Push-To-Talk mode is preferred. However, if you still insist on using Voice Activation mode or for some reason cannot use Push-To-Talk (e.g. playing with a controller and not keyboard and mouse), please make sure to tweak your microphone sensitivity so that it does not pick any sounds other than your voice. If you need to do something that might produce a lot of noise, please mute yourself.

Other useful information on Discord usage and its integration with streaming platforms

1. How to switch your Discord voice input mode to Push-To-Talk: Go to Settings - Voice & Video - find the Input Mode section - tick the Push -To-Talk option. Please make sure to set a shortcut (the key that you'll be using for talking) and check that your audio input/output devices are set properly. 2. How to make the Live role work for you: First, make sure you've linked your Twitch account to your Discord account. Then, Go to Settings - Streamer Mode - make sure it is set to Enabled.


Community Manager (CM)

CM plays the most responsible role in N7S community. Their task is to establish friendly environment for all users. To enforce rules if they are being broken. CM has full access to N7S Discord server administration as well as N7S website. Even if no name alteration is required, they must possess the characteristics of N7S role (see bellow). CM monitors, builds, grows, and interacts with entire community. They are to engage in conversations with all users when their assistance is required.
CM becomes the authorized voice of the community. If you want to join CM team, contact any of the current CM members. They can be easily found in our Discord roster on the top.

N7S Rank

N7S Ranked Players are users of N7S community who have earned their place
by showing these characteristics:

1) Love Mass Effect as a whole, particularly the multiplayer. Claiming so does not make it true.
This needs to be felt by other N7S members. So it takes usually a month of active interaction with our community. Remember that our community has no requirements and that by choosing to connect yourself closer with us is your own desire to do so.
2) During this period, the individual needs to demonstrate a desire to help the community in any number of ways. This means being active and available to assist new or less skilled players, sharing the benefit of their experience by answering questions, helping N7S community grow by promoting or inviting friends, and possessing the level of skill and experience needed to assist others to complete N7S activities or helping them earn credits for their manifest.
3) Your actions will be observed by others in N7S rank, and if you have completed N7SG, and willing to change your discord name/nickname and your platform account so that you can add -N7S tag at the end of your username, you will be invited by another N7S user to join N7S via Discord role, and be officially acknowledged by the N7S community as someone who showed their dedication to the community in activity and skill, but first and foremost in what kind of person you were to others. Once N7S rank is acquired, it persist forever, even upon your inactivity. You can lose N7S status only by breaking community rules or stating you no longer wish to be one. N7S do not apply to join, they are being chosen. Even if N7S does not equal Community Manager (CM), if a N7S gives you a hint, you should take it. They have needed Discord privileges to act as sentinels (if they chose so) in N7S community when a CM is not available. While it is not compulsory, we encourage graduates to add "-N7S" to their username/gamer tag; by wearing -N7S tag at the end of your name, you proudly represent the symbol of our community in any path you walk.

Other Ranks/Roles

Many other roles can be self added. Their names are self explanatory and instructions on how to acquire them and what they are for can be seen in our LANDING PAD category on the discord server. To enter our Discord please click DISCORD in the main menu here on the top.

Achievement Roles

@N7 Pathfinder: Complete N7S Graduation in both ME3 and MEA @N7 Day: Complete N7S's N7 Day Community Event
@N7S Anniversary Achievement: Complete N7 Squad Anniversary Event
@Hallowed Spectre: Complete N7S's Halloween Event
@Winter Soldier: Complete N7S's Christmas Event
@Paramour: Complete N7S's Valentine's Day Event
@Demon of the Night Winds: Complete N7S's Valentine's Day Event as Ardat-Yakshi
@Gladiator: Complete N7S Arena (Rjects are not required)
@Platinum Champion: For members of the Team who did N7S Arena in shortest amount of time
@Gold Champion : For members of the Team who did N7S Arena in shortest amount of time

Web Assistant (WA)

A web assistant uploads content to N7 SQUAD website. The Assistant supports the N7S website by preparing, maintaining, updating, and uploading web-based and digital content; applying relevant metadata; providing preliminary advice on appropriate design and layout, and ensuring quality control of web content, and testing new website features. Web Assistant monitors our discord server category Community Activities and adds them to N7 SQUAD website, if the submissions meet the requirements. Web Assistant updates existing content. New content still requires approval from Community Managers. Who can become Web Assistant?

  • Community Manager are automatically eligible to become Web Assistants. They may choose to be one or stop to be one on the fly by simply adding or removing Web Assistant discord role in our discord server.
  • N7S Rank may request to join Web Assistant team by sending the application to a Community Manager.
  • Others can join only by invitation by the website owner.
All Web Assistants must provide a valid email to which instructions will be sent for creating Web Assistant account. This email will be visible to everybody in Web Assistants team. No previously experience on working on the web is required. You may schedule call with website owner to receive necessary training, and access to behind the scene text channel in our discord server where all in the team can discuss and list updates.


What is N7 Squad?

The N7 Squad, or also known as simply "N7S", is a community dedicated to the multiplayer mode of all Mass Effect games.

What are the goals of the N7S?

To provide the chance for both new and veteran players to continue experiencing the fantastic Mass Effect Multiplayer in a safe, non-cheat way, all while creating strong bonds in a very casual and friendly environment.

What are the values of the N7S?

Friendship, resourcefulness, politeness and teamwork. These are the core values that we expect from all our members.

Why should I join the N7S Community?

We have a Discord for direct contact, where we frequently host games. While some players might mostly play Gold or Platinum, we are also willing to help and teach new players how to handle the higher difficulties and having fun doing so. We have no issues in playing on lower difficulties with those who are not yet comfortable with any higher ones.
We also have plenty of challenges created by players for those who just want to test their experience level or simply for fun.

What is the "N7S rank"?

It is a special rank we have in our community for those who want to be the symbol of it and to promote us, acting as our official "Operatives" and carrying the suffix/tag "-N7S" at the end of their nicknames of any gaming platforms (Origin, Gamertag etc), as well as their Discord nicknames. The rank itself comes with some privileges for our Discord server, thus those aspiring to carry our badge are required to go through some special challenges as "a rite of passage" to achieve the rank. Joining the N7S ranks is by invite only and for that you will need to be active within our community for at least one month or two, playing Gold or Platinum matches with us and try some community activites. Even if you are not feeling comfortable on those difficulties at first, don't let this ever stop you. Feel free to reach out any of us to help you gain more experience.
Since our server is always growing bigger, it's becoming harder to notice everyone's progresses, so in that case you can also ask any Community Manager to see how your progress for joining N7S ranks is doing. See RANKS ROLES tab for more information.




How to Text Chat in Game?

Navigate to our QUALITY OF LIFE (QoL) page in the main menu of our website. You will find the Mod Manager there. Download it and install it. On the same QoL page follow the Text Chat instructions.

Game Crashes on DLC check? Retaliation Glitch?

Navigate to our QUALITY OF LIFE (QoL) page in the main menu of our website. You will find the Mod Manager there. Download it and install it. On the same QoL page follow the Retaliation Fix instructions.

How to mute in game voice chat? (PC ME3MP)

ME3MP voice chat volume can be muted by editing the GamerSettings.ini file, it can be easily opened with Notepad.exe or Wordpad.exe. The settings file should be located in Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect 3/BIOGame/Config folder. Once it's opened in editor, just add this new line there (or change the existing one): [System Settings]

Low FPS on newly (re)installed systems (PC ME3MP)

Mass Effect 3 executable file MassEffect3.exe needs to be run as Admin at least once
on any new or reinstalled PC systems. This method should fix low or unsmooth framerate issues for most. You may also try disabling Origin Overlay.

I cannot find any multiplayer matches, what can I do?

To play ME3MP, make sure that you have 5 DLC's installed for that, they are all for free:

  1. Earth DLC
  2. Rebellion DLC
  3. Reckoning DLC
  4. Resurgence DLC
  5. Retaliation DLC​
Origin will only let players in Multiplayer match up together if their DLC's match. To download the DLCs, navigate through your Origin: My Game Library, Mass Effect 3 game, and then select the Extra Content tab. Here you will find all the DLCs.
If you attempt to join a friend in Me3Mp before Main Menu of the game completes DLC check, you will either fail to join, or again end up missing all the DLC characters.