Discord is our primary way of communication. Join us and make new friends in your Mass Effect journey.

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You can enter our Discord server from the header top of this website, or from the home page. Vigil Bot will greet you and give you basic instructions to get familiar with the server. What is important for you is to give yourself a role for the game you want to play: N7 Special Ops for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and APEX Strike Teams for Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer. Make sure you have read rules and verified with checkmark reaction.


Everything starts in category Now Playing. If you are there, people will see you as currently playing a game. So enter any of the squad voice channels and others may soon follow. Additionally you can use #LFG text channel to tag @N7 Special Ops or @APEX Strike Teams, to alert them visually and 

with sound, then it's a party about to start! When you have any of those roles yourself then you will get notifications too when someone else is forming a squad. Our server can be very active at times, so carefully adjust your notifications and mute settings or you can be pinged too many times.


If some Squads are already running, as seen in the picture, you may have more luck to join a squad that has less than 4 players, in this case Squad A. But that does not mean other Squads are full. Sometimes we have more people join just to hang out. You can always visit any channel and ask people if they have room for you. Sometimes the games are live on twitch, as seen on the right, so you can watch games and ask streamer to join. It is nothing complicated and do not hesitate to seek us out. The purpose of this community is to find games and players faster, just like the title says, we are here for You.