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It matters not how well equipped you are or how good are you at the game, everybody starts from somewhere. Everybody is welcomed to play with us, no matter of their experience. What matters is to have fun. Getting experienced and better gear and weapons comes in time. We'll play any difficulty that is comfortable with you.


When you go live, navigate to SHARE category and select #stream-promotion text channel. In there type your inviting message and link to your stream channel (no Discord links please).
You may also tag the role
@Mass Effect Live so that it can alert the users interested in Mass Effect Content

If you are an active streamer then you will be given the Mass Effect Streamer role and with that
you can use our dedicated voice channels if you wish to play with viewers from our community.
This role allows you to decide who can enter your streaming channel.
Please check the
Streaming section at FAQ on our website for more info and rules.

If you stream via Twitch and have Discord and Twitch accounts linked and Discord's Streamer Mode activated (check settings), then our server will push you to the top of the roster in the spotlight so that users in our community can discover you easier. This lasts as long as you are live.

We are not against promoting non Mass Effect content, so feel free to promote anything you play.
But remember, due to the nature of our community, our audience will most likely visit your channel only if it is
Mass Effect content, especially the multiplayer.

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