All credit goes to ME3Tweaks and Mgamerz and his team

Quality of Life in Mass Effect 3 improves experience and keeps game freshen up. Please download the Mod Manager so that you can apply all other downloads from this page with no effort. Not to worry, you can always toggle on and off everything you install from here, simply follow the instruction given by the author, when you are redirected to their official website. For any direct support please access our #request-assistance text channel within our discord server, or make a call with a Community Manager.


If you wish unofficial multiplayer DLCs for Mass Effect 3, you are on the right place. Once installed, these can be toggled on and off before launching game. Remember, these count as DLCs, and only players that have same DLCs as you can play with you.

N7S's Quality of Life

Tired of spending all your free time in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Store instead of actually playing the game with your friends? Time to fix that. Use this simple QoL and store will buy packs for you, while you are Away From Keyboard. And your free time will no longer be spent on Store's clicks and loading screens. All credit goes to our dear community member Hodonkain-N7S for creating this QoL for us.

Having difficulity to see while using Geth Hunter Mode or Geth Scanner equipment, because of the white annoying overlay taking over the screen? You can now remove it. For detailed instructions written by SnowChickenLord-N7S please click the CLEAN HUNTER MODE image.

By ThiccMan404

When the Reaper-killer known as Leviathan fought the Collectors, it severed their connection to Harbinger with a thrall device. Most Collector forces died as a result, but a few survived. Now, these rare individuals fight for the memory of their people, a proud race broken by the Reapers