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Welcome to Arena. Do you dare to test your skills?

The Arena features a huge rectangular room that can project fully-immersive holographic environments and scenarios for public entertainment. Armax Arsenal Arena is collection of classic arenas used for citadel's entertainment that has been existing for many years, originally released to the Silversun Strip. Armax Arsenal Arena has been constantly updated to value challenges above realism, which in results provides the greatest difficulty one team can face.


Arena: General Rules and Requirements

  • 1. This activity is based on Redemption MP DLC, so in order to take part in it you should have it installed and enabled via ModManager.

  • 2. In order to enter the Arena competition, every new team must register 4 main players. Additional reserve players can still be added, with no limits on the number of reserves. Every registered team must complete Wingman map (four factions) as a full team runs, to officially enter the Arena event. The rest of the runs can be performed based on the team's actual condition - as a solo/duo/trio. All Arena rules still apply to non-full teams runs. Submissions will be valid and compared to the results of the other teams.

  • 3. Each player has to complete 3 Challenges to become eligible.

  • 4. Each player should use a different character. Other than that, no restrictions based on character race/class are applied. NOTE 1: However, if your team is thematic and is based on one race, you are allowed to use the same characters, provided that you maintain the character balance. For example, an all-Vorcha/Drell team would include two characters that are the same; all-Salarian team would include two Engineers and two Infiltrators, and all-Awakened Collector team would include 4 Awakened Collector Adepts. NOTE 2: there can be a maximum of 2 Infiltrators on a team.

  • 5. Each player should use only one character for the entire event.

  • 6. Reserve players (bonus members or backup members) can replace team members by playing the member's chosen character. They play the character of the member they are replacing.

  • 7. Switching teams or being a member of more than one team is not allowed (reserve players included).


Arena: Allowed Mods


Arena: Weapons and Equipment that are Not Allowed

  • 1. Reegar Carbine usage is not allowed.

  • 2. Geth Scanner Gear usage is not allowed.

  • 3. Cobra Missile usage is allowed only on Objective waves and Extraction wave.


Arena: Other Rules and Restrictions

  • 1. Objective exploit (Hack Glitch) is not allowed. However, it is allowed to switch targets during the Targets objective, and Pizza Run is also allowed. Full extraction required.

  • 2. Each team is required to present a video recording of each game played on youtube.

  • 3. Each team can have its Profile Page on the site, and will be assigned a dedicated team role after the completion of the first game (or sooner if a team founder shows big interest, profile page can be good for recruiting).

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