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Who We Are

N7S was founded on August 20, 2014.

We were just a small group of friends who collectively enjoyed Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, and  wanted to share that joy with others.


There is nothing special about us; we simply love Mass Effect.

N7 SQUAD's focus is to bring all players of Mass Effect Multiplayer

(Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda) together in a single community.

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In addition to supporting casual games, we have also created unofficial challenges for our community.


Challenges are based around lore and what-if scenarios from the Mass Effect universe.


Mass Effect Arena is now also open and accepting team registrations. This mode is recommended for advanced players anyone is free to give it a shot.

If you have suggestions for improving current activities or creating new ones, please submit your ideas to our community managers for review.

This community grows together, run by players, for players.

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BioWare added Mass Effect 3's final multiplayer expansion in 2013, but love for the mode persists to this day.


Unofficial mod packs from add 17 maps (Redemption mod) and a new enemy faction (Rejection mod) for free!


You will need ME3 Mod Manager to install these mods. All instructions can be found at the provided links. 


Multiplayer Expansion

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