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Author: yvettee-N7S

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The Quarians have begun their assault on the Geth.

Every so often on the Migrant Fleet, a Quarian would say my name in hushed tones – "Admiral Koris is a Geth apologist." I do not blame them. These Quarians do not understand the cost of war. They do not have to see ships destroyed and lives lost firsthand like I do. My frustrations are better directed elsewhere.

The worst has happened: I was forced to crash my ship into one of the Geth-controlled planetary cannons on Rannoch. Our losses would have been worse had I not done so. I lived each day hiding in outcroppings and avoiding direct conflict where I could – something I continue to stand by despite my current predicament – trying to locate my team. I fear that I’ve already lost most of them and that I will soon follow; it was getting harder to avoid them anyway and I am now in a heavy firefight with Prime units converging in on my position and who knows how many troopers trying to flank me.

Any other day, I would have smugly said “I told you so,” to my fellow Admirals: “I told you that attacking the Geth would come at great cost to what remains of the Fleet.” If I live through this, then I’ll gladly do so when I next see my ‘learned’ friends.

What gives me strength is knowing that Commander Shepard will be able to save my crew. It may not count for much, but I’m going to do what I can to buy the Commander as much time as is needed.

It’s strange. I’ve always said that the Fleet should prioritise finding a new world, but right now and despite everything that has happened … it feels good to be home.



Difficulty: Gold/Platinum
Character: Quarian Male Infiltrator/Male Engineer
Map: Firebase Condor / Firebase Keelah (Redemption Mod)
Weapon: Arc Pistol
Enemy: Geth
Special Conditions:
  ⁃ Pick your ending. Either:
  ⁃ The Canonical Ending: Admiral Koris dies on Wave 11, but gets Mission Successful screen (to do this, you have to enter the downed stage, but cannot bleed out until the timer for extraction runs out). Getting mission successful by staying alive but not extracting (i.e. running around the map outside of the extraction zone until the timer runs out) does not count.
  ⁃ The Non-Canonical Ending: Admiral Koris lives and extracts, but he must extract with zero consumables left (no rockets, ops packs, medi-gels, and ammo packs left).
  ⁃  Admiral Koris must spec at least 1 point into grenades.
  ⁃  No Geth Scanner, No Armored Compartments allowed.


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