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A Great Biotic Wind

Author: laxximus-N7S



“I am a great wind that will sweep all before me like a... a great wind! A great biotic wind!”
Although forgotten by many, the words of the immortal Niftu Cal are kept alive by an avid group who recognise their significance.
Whilst engineers can do remarkable things with their omni-tools and constructs, and soldiers can wield their guns and grenades with proficiency, it’s only biotics that can transform a humble Volus into a living god. Recognising this fact, the Cult of Niftu Cal have sworn to focus all their effort into increasing their effectiveness in combat through biotic prowess alone.
The few members of the Cult who made the trip to Andromeda have grown close, and even more determined to show this new galaxy the truth they hold so dear. When the first productive eezo mining facility was established by the Initiative, there was no hesitation from the Cult to man it’s defenses.


Characters: Any characters who have 3 biotic powers (Human Adept, Human Vanguard, Asari Adept, Asari Duelist, Human Kineticist, Krogan Gladiator)

Map: Firebase Zero
Enemy: Kett
Difficulty: Platinum

Restrictions: Only Biotic Power Amp or Power Efficiency Mod boosters allowed, equipment must be Adaptive War Amp or Structural Ergonomics, team should avoid detonating cryo/tech/fire canisters on enemies wherever possible.


Squad1: Matthew-N7S, Simulate-N7S, LidsVids-N7S, Synthian-N7S video

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