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Assistance (un)necessary

Author: laxximus-N7S



“I am a scientist, not an errand boy. How hard is it to understand that I do science, not collecting samples. Running tests, hypothesising, analysing data, refining hypotheses; this is science. Digging up bits of soil, and cutting leaves off plants is something a trained Pyjak could do. Even STG with all their bravado understand what science is. And I have to babysit two ‘bodyguards’. Humans and Turians not known for sharp thinking, but these examples particularly dimwitted it seems. Sent along to make me feel safer after I warned of risk of Kett encounter. Tried to explain, killing Kett not difficult, just tedious. Apparently they’re both ready to ‘lay down their lives’ for me if there’s any trouble. Would much rather they actually fought back. If such creatures find satisfaction in sacrifice, I won’t interfere. Still, they appear to know how to fire a weapon. Let’s hope they know how to aim, and can tell the difference between Kett and Salarians!”


Characters: 1x Salarian Architect, 1x Turian Soldier, 1x Human Soldier
Map: Firebase Aqua
Enemy: Kett
Difficulty: Platinum
Conditions: Salarian Architect must extract, the soldiers are expendable


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