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Boom Boom!

Authors: laxximus-N7S and KadanZeli-N7S



To most elite soldiers, common sense dictates that they use the most powerful, accurate, and deadly weapons available to them. However, some prefer the use of more explosive munitions. When one Angara visiting the Nexus turned out to have a slightly unhealthy habit of filling any battlefield they’re on with mines, they quickly gained the trust of their explosive-obsessed comrades from the Milky Way. Upon hearing the news of Outlaws having taken over a clean water source, which the Angaran Resistance has long relied on, the newfound friends were eager to show what their full range of explosives can do.


1x Frag Grenade user (Human Soldier or Turian Soldier)
1x Sticky Grenade user (Human Infiltrator, Salarian Infiltrator, Angara Avenger)
1x Flak Cannon user (Krogan Mercenary, Batarian Scrapper, Turian Havoc, Batarian Vanguard)
1x Trip Mine user (Angara Insurgent)

Weapons: Explosive weapons only (Scorpion, Venom, Falcon, Naladen)

Map: Firebase Aqua
Enemy: Outlaw
Difficulty: Platinum


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