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Field Test

Author: laxximus-N7S



The level of technological development evident in the mysterious Remnant utterly eclipses even the most cutting-edge Milky Way devices available to the Initiative. It was therefore only natural to seek to integrate such advanced technology with our own, to improve the combat effectiveness of our elite APEX strike teams.
Having developed a prototype set of Remnant based armor from scratch, the scientist responsible recruited an eager young soldier to conduct a field test at an abandoned outlaw industrial outpost. Intrigued by this new technology, an Initiative defensive tactics expert decided to attend the test to evaluate its potential, and invited a counterpart form the newly allied Angaran Resistance to assist with the evaluation.
Planned as a simple scientific expedition, a Kett ambush quickly made the scientist regret ever leaving his lab, for whilst the soldier wearing the armor was fully equipped for battle, no firearms were brought for the rest of the party. Now they must all work together, making use of their own unique abilities to repel the enemy.


Characters: Salarian Operator, Human Juggernaut, Human Guardian, Angara Insurgent

Map: Firebase Magma
Enemy: Kett
Difficulty: Platinum

Restrictions: The Juggernaut may use any weapons but the support characters may not fire their weapons or use Cobras (unbinding the fire key is recommended)


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