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Authors: Mass Effect Community & Friends



'To be able to understand the new galaxy through the eyes of those who were here before anyone else, and pass it on to newcomers who will arrive after us': that is the true legacy given by the ancient ones. Some may hold them in disdain, but we should not forget that they were the ones who wrote the history that we know today. To meet them, we need to understand what they did. Together, we reach out for a new horizon. Paavoa and isharay.

This challenge was made in honor of our beloved friend Promenade_LAMort -- the one who guided many of us.


Characters: Angara Avenger, Asari Huntress, Human Commando
Enemy: Outlaw
Map: Firebase Icebreaker
Difficulty: Platinum
Weapons: P.A.W. and Rozerad for everyone
Full Extraction: Yes
Siphon Weapons: Allowed


Squad1: Kahoucta-N7S, P1DDY, Mike-mgwhitlock video

Squad2: Ody-N7S, laxximus-N7S, Simulate-N7S video

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