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The Blackwatch




Turian Pathfinder Avitus Rix has intercepted Kett communications coming from the Vaotessa system that contained the Kett word for Ark. This could be a lead to the Keela Si'yah, the Quarian Ark. With 20,000 lives at stake, Pathfinder Rix has requested some of the recovered stasis pods from the Ark Natanus containing Turian Blackwatch Special Forces be awakened from cryo sleep. They will be briefed on everything that has happened with the Andromeda Initiative and will be given Apex designations according to their former rank in the Turian military.

Stimulants will be administered in the Nexus Medical Facility to expedite recovery from the effects of cryo-sleep. A shuttle has been prepared for the team and coordinates of the signal's origin uploaded to the nav computer.

Their orders are simple: Infiltrate the Kett observatory over Irivosna, collect any relevant intelligence pertaining to Keela Si'yah, and eliminate any Kett response. The initiative can't afford to lose another Ark. Welcome to the Andromeda Galaxy, Blackwatch.


Characters: 1 Turian Soldier, 1 Turian Havoc Trooper, 1 Turian Agent
Map: Firebase Nimbus
Enemy: Kett
Difficulty: Platinum


Squad1: Ody-N7S, SteelWolf89-N7S, Laxximus-N7S video1 | video2

Squad2: Ascended_Ai-N7S, Kahoucta-N7S, Simulate-N7S video

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