Author: ConsensusVox-N7S

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"We're surrounded, my old friend, and by saying "old", I mean it. We were young many years ago. Maybe too many. Are you sure you have no weapons except these sniper rifles for us both?.."
"Yes, I know... our sight isn't as good as it was all those years ago, but... we can do it. Trust me. Both of us still have good shooting skills. Our hands are steady. We will survive and win this war. Let's get it done!"

Two veterans live in a human colony on Benning. They have a shared past: a lot of heavy battles and glorious victories. When the Reapers attack, two friends find themselves surrounded by hostiles. One of the old warriors still keeps some military supplies in the house, but the choice of weapons is poor: only two sniper rifles, no other weapons. The situation is even worse, because both fighters are in their grey age, indeed, and their eyes slowly start to deceive them. Despite all difficulties, they have no choice but to kill all enemies around and stay alive until the evacuation.



Map: Firebase Ghost / Hazard
Enemy: any
Difficulty: Platinum only
Characters: any organics, both can be the same.
(EDI bot, Awakened Collector and Geth characters are not allowed)
Weapons: any sniper rifles (except Javelin)

Special Requirements:
- Any powers, gear and/or weapon mods which reveal enemies through walls, smoke and covers,
are not allowed (Recon Mine, any sniper rifle custom scopes, Geth Scanner, Tactical Scan)
- Armored Compartments allowed
- Missiles only on objective waves and extraction
- Any ammo and weapon bonus consumables are allowed


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