Authors: SiLenTbLade & Lord of Bricks

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In light of the attacks on Rannoch, Legion finds himself holding the line against the Reaper forces along with some Geth Prime support to assist. They work together and drive back the Reaper threat long enough for Legion to go and assist Commander Shepard in his fight against the Reapers.



Challenge can be completed only as Duo or Trio.
Map: Firebase Hydra
Enemy: Reapers
Difficulity: Gold or Platinum

1 Geth Infiltrator (Legion) with the M-98 Widow.
1 or 2 Geth Juggernaut(s) - with the Spitfire.

Special Requirements:
You can only have 1 Legion.
Legion needs to get the 20 Headshots medal.
Legion can enter bleed out mode.
Legion's death at any time fails the challenge.
Legion must extract.
Legion can provide missile support on non-objective waves to save a prime. Otherwise, Legion can only missile on objective and extraction waves.

The Geth Juggernaunt(s) need a 25 Assault Rilfe kill medal.
Geth Juggernauts can die and extraction is not required.
Primes can missile at anytime.

Trio requirement, 5 Waves Survived medal.
No Waves Survived medal required for a duo.


Squad1: heLLion-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S, bialakawa video

Squad2: TheNightSlasher, yvettee-N7S, SenorZanahoria video | video | video