Author: Avina-N7S

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Tali lands with Keenah on an unidentified ice planet in the Crescent Nebula to investigate the geth presence there. They disable a geth and extract its memory core, which contains a recording of a conversation between Saren Arterius and Matriarch Benezia discussing the recent attack on the human colony of Eden Prime and the coming of the Reapers. Fearing that the rest of the galaxy may be in danger, Tali convinces Keenah that they should turn over the recording to the local authorities on Illium. The geth become aware of their plans and inform the Council Spectre Saren. As this could slow down Saren's plans by losing the benefits granted from the spectre status, Saren orders the geth to hunt down and kill Tali and Keenah before they attempt to extract from the planet. Now the fate of the Galaxy rests in the survival of the two quarians.



Eden Prime was major victory
Characters: Female Quarian (Tali), Male Quarian (Keenah)
Map: White or Glacier
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Platinum
Reegar Carbine and Cerberus Harrier are not allowed


Squad1: Avina-N7S & AsariAzure-N7S screen | video
Squad2: Qven & ValerioME3 screen
Squad3: Oyo-N7S & DisturbedPsic0 screen | video
Squad4: Avina-N7S & Sonashii screen | video
Squad5: PapaJester & ValerioME3 screen
Squad6: Oyo-N7S & PapaJester screen

Squad7: aznitrous-N7S & PapaJester screen

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Squad10: yveska1 & CrisRodgz-N7S screen
Squad11: PapaJester & Suzanne-N7S screen

Squad12: NinjaSuperiority & TheNightSlasher screen
Squad13 (Xbox): PapaJester & SiLenT N7S screen
Squad14: The_Doctor46N7 & x3lander screen
Squad15: Vastator & DieWasserpest screen

Squad16: RedLightning-N7S & Standgeblase screen | video

Squad17: SenorZanahoria, yvettee video | video

Squad18: heLLion-N7S & bialakawa screen | video