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Alliance Recruits

Author: SteelWolf89-N7S

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It’s been a few months since Anderson sent Commander Shepard to the Citadel to ask for help. Admiral Hackett ordered him to gather the biggest fleet ever seen in the entire galaxy: Shepard will be the spear that will crush the Reapers.

But in the meantime, Earth can’t hold by itself. It needs a good defense to stand against the Reapers, and buy time for Shepard. The Alliance recruited every able and willing person to fight with them. Unfortunately, there was also a shortage of weapons and resources, all of the most powerful weapons were already assigned to the best of the best in order to handle the worst missions. The new recruits have to use whatever was left, usually the most basic weapons that could be bought everywhere. Squad leaders were lucky to have slightly better weapons but even this isn’t saying much. And somehow, despite these odds, the Alliance soldiers will need to handle the Reapers with what’s given to them. Will they survive against the enemy?

They’ll need to. Their life depends on themselves. They can only depend on each other until Shepard returns.



Characters: x3 Human Vanilla Characters (each different classes)
Weapons: 1 player must choose Uncommon weapons(silver frame),
other 2 players must choose Common weapons(blue frame)

Map: Firebase London
Enemy: Reapers
Difficulty: Platinum

Special Conditions: Missiles allowed only when the objective is active and during extraction.
Batarian Gauntlet, Geth Scanner and Armored Compartments not allowed.


Squad1: meh-N7S , Yurui-N7S , RedLightning-N7S video1 | video2

Squad2: TheNightSlasher-N7S , zapfacid-N7S , RedLightning-N7S video1 | video2

Squad3: Shady-N7S , Gran_Calc-N7S , SteelWolf89-N7S video1 | video2


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